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The Journalism Honor Roll recognizes professional health journalists for their writing on cancer control, and to inspire citizen scientists, students, and other non-professional journalists to learn how to disseminate cancer control information to the public in order to break down barriers. If you are unsure if a piece of journalism qualifies, please submit it, and we will contact you.

Examples of publications that can be recognized include international, national, and local media outlets, as well as community newsletters, church bulletins, YouTube videos, blogs, etc.


We will use the following list of criteria to confirm that the publication(s) you submit helped us to promote our mission of reducing the burden of cancer in a variety of ways. Here are some examples that would make a publication eligible:

  1. The publication has a focus on cancer and shares valuable cancer-related information with the public
  2. The publication helps to raise the public’s cancer literacy
  3. The publication helps to raise the public’s understanding of cancer research and/or clinical trials
  4. The publication helps to promote awareness of a clinical trial that is recruiting participants
  5. The publication showcases a cancer hero
  6. The publication promotes a cancer-related event

You can tell us why you think this journalist belongs on our AACE Journalism Honor Roll when you complete and submit a Nomination Form. Everyone who meets our educational objectives will be added to the list in reverse chronological order from when they were awarded the honor.
Each journalist approved by the AACE Education Committee will receive a Certificate of Recognition for their important contribution to cancer education and learn the name(s) of the person(s) who submitted their nomination (within approximately 4-6 weeks after their nomination). You can submit more than one nomination during the course of the year.

About This Honor

Science journalists and reporters play critical roles in informing the public about all aspects of cancer - from prevention and detection to treatment and survivorship. Dissemination of this information is central to our goal of reducing the burden of cancer worldwide. To recognize the importance of this public communication component and enhance the visibility of outstanding contributions in cancer-focused reporting, the AACE Education Committee initiated the American Association for Cancer Education Journalism Honor Roll in 2021. Selection for this honor will be through AACE member nomination of journalist(s) who have produced a publication that advances our mission of cancer control in local community, city, or regional print media each year.

AACE Education Committee

AACE Journalism Honor Roll Working Group founding members

Georgia Robins Sadler

Bret Hassel

France Nguyen-Grozavu

Misty Pocwierz-Gaines



Please submit your completed Nomination Form, including a photo or scanned copy of, or a link to, the publication you are nominating, using the linked button below.

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AACE Journalism Honor Roll

Jane Brody
Jane Brody used extensive academic and peer reviewed sources over her 40 year history of writing for the New York Times. See articles from
Awarded: 2022


Nora Rappaport
 "The True Cost of War" (Youtube video)
This news story about a young breast cancer survivor highlights the often overlooked cancer risk that many veterans and first responders face.
Awarded: 2022


St. Clair Murraine, Capital Outlook
 "Colon Cancer Screening Project Focuses on Blacks"
This article described a NIH-funded African-American colon cancer screening study through the lens of a local African American community member within the context of national Black-White CRC health disparities and screening recommendations.
Awarded: 2022


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